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David Ginola’s rather fine wine

I know that it is hard for almost any new wine to find its way onto the shelves of UK shops – the competition is fierce, but I’m surprised that no-one has yet snapped up Coste Brulade by David Ginola – a very superior Provençal rosé. The 2009 vintage was well made with a lovely depth of cherry, rhubarb and peach fruit, dusted quite subtly with white pepper. The 2010 is better still and though even more prettily pale, lacks nothing in concentration of fruit flavour: this time strawberry and peach. It has crisper acidity than the 09, but at this early stage in its development seems less mineral.

The wine is made at a well-run co-op in the Var. It has benefited from investment by David Ginola – his money has been used to buy new equipment. David is keen to help blend the wine that bears his name and the Coste Brulade team respect his palate and judgement. The packaging is understated and stylish. It would fly from the shelves here on Tyneside.

3 Responses to “David Ginola’s rather fine wine”

  1. Julia Richard says:

    I would like to know where I can purchase Coste Brulade. I was at the wine tasting at Linden Hall but have never seen it since.

  2. Helen says:

    It’s been a long drawn-struggle to find an importer. There’s a hope that it will appear soon in Harvey Nichols shops, but it isn’t yet listed on their website. I suspect we may have to wait until the 2011 vintage is in bottle – after Christmas.

  3. david wood says:

    Did the David Ginola Coste Brulade ever turn up on the shelves in UK? I’m very keen to find a bottle for a wine tasting event.