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Rhubarb … and Cahors?

I am always fascinated by new partnerships of food and wine. I was intrigued, therefore, to read of the banquet given by the Danish royal family in honour of Russian president Dmitri Medvedev and his wife Tatiana who visited Copenhagen on April 27 and 28. According to a report published in the French weekly, ‘Point de Vue’, they tucked into smoked fish and then a nice bit of brisket, along with onions and new season carrots. Lovely! But then came the pud. It was enough to make me jealous: ‘ a succulent rhubarb pastry’.

28 April happens to be my birthday, and I crave rhubarb as the only essential ingredient of a birthday feast. So I was jealous. But they served it with … Cahors. Possibly more than one Cahors. What on earth did they make of it? It seems as unlikely a combination as oyster with Tizer. Though, on second thoughts, that probably isn’t a stark enough analogy. Never mind, the Cahors growers are chuffed. But I think I’ll keep my rhubarb and my Cahors well apart. I love them too much.

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