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Bad news from Chile

I’ve heard from Zenen Santana-Delgado at Traidcraft that the Sagrada Familia project was badly affected by the Chilean earthquake.

The sad news is that  8 people from  one of the 22 member families were killed when their house fell down during the earthquake and that the homes of four other families were also completely destroyed.

The two wineries with which they work also suffered considerable damage. The full extent of this is not yet clear, but Sagarada Familia’s Lautaro brand lost around 100 000 litres of of stock.

Power and water supplies have been cut – and, of course, all this has happened right in the middle of harvest. It seems unlikely that much wine will be made in 2010.

It is becoming clear that Sagrada Familia are not the only producers to have been so tragically affected by the earthquake. If  ever there was a time to buy Chilean wine, surely it’s now.

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