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Posh Languedoc

I’m in Languedoc for a few days. One of my reasons for being here is to research a couple of articles. Yesterday I homed in on the sub-region of Terraces du Larzac which encompasses the villages of Montpeyroux and Saint Saturnin, whose wines have enjoyed and deserved an international reputation for a generation. And they are even better today. The main characteristic of the region is a steeper than usual diurnal range which gives the wine finesse, fresher acidity and more complex aromas than in other parts of the south. But they are expensive!! The latest edition of the Hachette Guide (2012) lists several whose wines fall in the €23 to 30 bracket and many more between €15-23. It’s almost as steep as the sections on the Côte d’Or. Some of the wines undoubtedly merit their exalted prices, others don’t. It’s not worth naming them as they don’t make it to the shelves of UK shops and it’s not hard to see why. The gap between the good and the very good in Languedoc is real enough, but the price differential is getting out of hand.

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