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Matching Wine with Fine Asian Food

I’ve just penned my Christmas wine recommendations for The Journal. As usual, it was quite fun to do, but frankly, the choice is so huge that I often don’t know quite where to begin – or to end. Not everyone eats turkey for Christmas!

A similar challenge surrounds the pairing of wine with ‘Asian Cuisine’. Which Asian cuisine, I wonder?

This year, for the first time, a panel of Asian judges gathered in Hong Kong to make their own selections as part of the International Wine Challenge and Hong Kong International Wine Fair (European tastes and standards are not the only benchmark for wine quality) and to suggest wines that might best complement a number of Chinese culinary classics.

This intrigued me so much that I spoke to Keith Pun, owner of the excellent Golden Swallow Restaurant in North Shields, with an eye to the possibility to recreating this challenge – at least in part. Keith who is passionate about fine food readily agreed and we’ve come up with a date: Thursday March 18. It should be both fascinating and a lot of fun. If you’d like to be part of it, have a look at the information that’ll soon be posted on the Vine Visit website. If you can’t come; don’t worry, I write it up for The Journal soon after the event

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