Helen Savage

Enjoying wine with Helen Savage

Helen Savage is one of Britain's most respected and knowledgeable wine writers and educators. She is a member of the Association of Wine Educators, which sets the highest standards in wine education in the UK and an increasing number of other countries. She is also a much-respected wine writer and a member of the Circle of Wine Writers.

Her passion for wine and her determination to find the brightest, most innovative winemakers is indefatigable.

For twenty years Helen Savage was wine correspondent of the The Journal (the leading UK regional daily paper, based in Newcastle).

Since 1986, as part of her ever-popular schedule of wine education, she has run wine study tours to France and other European countries.

As a freelance wine writer Helen is delighted to consider commissions from publishers in the UK and abroad. Some in-depth essays on great - and up and coming - wine regions are published exclusively on this web site; and for a lighter note, you can now also read Helen's blog.

Helen has a superb first-hand knowledge of French wine, with a special interest in the South West, Burgundy, Champagne and Alsace. Over many years, she has visited hundreds of small growers across the country. Since 2023 she has been a full-time French resident, having owned a holiday home since 1991. She speaks fluent French. She maintains a special interest in organic and biodynamic wine production.


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